Best EVP Recording caught by Monica (RIP Monica)

Most Meaningful EVP Caught on Tape

Our friend and fellow investigator Monica caught this evp while working with her professor trying to capture spirit voices. This is one of the longest most extensive and clear EVPs we have ever heard.

Monica had undertaken an interest in capturing EVPs after her mom passed away. She was desperate to know she was ok and wondered where she was and if she could contact her. We met when I joined her group , “Life After Death Communications on Facebook and we became fast friends.  Sadly Monica passed away shortly after this recording was taken.

We miss you Monica. 

I would say may you rest in peace Monica, but I hope you are doing anything but resting. I hope you are running on the beach, and going on fun adventures with your mom and doing anything but resting dear friend. xo


This video is hard to hear but is easier with headphones. If you listen carefully you can hear this woman, maybe a spirit guide, talking about what life after death feels like. What the other side feels like. She says it is all based on your benevolence and malevolence on this side. (food for thought) and that it is awesome. That our human minds cannot even perceive the beauty over there as we live in such strife.


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