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* Here is a recording that a veiwer sent in. The message is from the viewer and doesn’t reflect the opinions of the myparanormal team.

The Viewer’s Report:

“This is the voice I recorded in our bedroom, Now I know many people won’t believe it’s real, but God knows that I have no reason to make this up. The reason I am posting it is because I want people  to know that the devil is real and his demons will try and deceive us and distract us from Gods truth. we are gods children and we need to believe in Jesus and repent! So the voice I recorded was in our room, my baby Bella was sleeping and I told the boys to be quiet and not wake her up. I was sitting next to her while she was sleeping and heard a whisper saying hey”, immediately I got up and went to confront the boys, only to realize they were in the kitchen. I honestly don’t know why but my gut feeling told me to put my phone next to Bella, leave the room, close the door and leave it on voice record. The original recording was 3 minutes of silence, buy toward the end I heard this demonic voice saying “Bella” my daughters name.”


Please listen to the recording and then tell us what you think.  Is this the voice of something negative? Or maybe a relative who has passed trying to let the family know they are there watching over Bella? Either way please say a prayer of blessing for the family that they be safe and in God’s light.

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