Nursing Home Attic EVP- Lady’s Voice


EVP French Lady

This is my favorite EVP I have ever caught. I captured this in the attic of the nursing home pictured below, in Genoa City, Wi in a little section off the main town back in the woods called “The German Camp. Listen at  2 seconds. What is she saying? “In the day” is that her response to the question are you the one that scares me at night. Or is a lady speaking in a different language which is what I think. This Home housed people who spoke mostly German and Polish and some French, if anyone can interpret this to be another language please let me know.

haunted nursing home

EMF Session from same night, lighting up and the EMF reader.

Here is video of this recording.

Ghost Hunting Spirit Box – KII K-II K-2 K2 EMF Meter & EVP Recorder

collections of paranormal evidence


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