We Would Like to Hear your Cleansing Rituals

paranormal cleansingAs a paranormal enthusiast, I get asked these questions a lot, “What do you do about negative energy?”  ” What if a spirit or negative energy attaches itself to you?” And actually, we have experienced this. We did some of the well known routines like lighting candles and asking the energy to leave with the smoke, prayer and reasoning with the spirit. But there were times the spirit seemed to want to stay attached to either a person, an investigator or to a location.

We would like to hear some of your routines or rituals in how you get rid of, or avoid this situation.

Here is a list of some other rituals either we or others on other paranormal investigation teams have used.

Ways to Cleanse Away Negative Energy

Cleansing Away Negative Energy with Sage

In the comment section below, please tell us your story and what you have tried to clear away a spirit, negative energy, or a haunting and if it worked for you.



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