Donna’s Experience- Pictures Moving

From Donna: “I have two pictures of my mom and dad as young children they are about 4×4 in size My mom is alive but my dad has passed been about 9 years now, I have the pictures on a small table in one of my hallways.. Have been there for some time. They are in a diagonal position of one another facing toward a direction that you would see them when you walked into this little hall way that connects two beds which are not used and a bath. This morning as I went into this hall way to used the bath, Both pictures have been moved in the opposite diagonal direction from what they were” Very” obvious that they have been moved. And the placement is a perfect diagonal direction.. Not something that a vibration would cause. I called my husband at work and asked had he moved them. Nope. He and I are the only ones that live in the house.”

“This is the opposite direction that the pictures are usually displayed.”


“This pic is taken from the angle that the pictures are usually displayed you can see how perfectly they have been turned with perfect angle change..”donna1

“What does everyone think? “

“This is from out side of the hallway as you would enter into it.. I’d never have the pic’s in this direction it wouldn’t make sense. as you would not see them as you walked in. Then it occurred to me that in the little shelf below is a pic of my brother who passed in the heart shaped frame, next to it is a stone that one of my dogs who has passed and had dug up this stone and carried to me it is in the shape of a heart reason I kept it. And the table that all is set on came from my mom and dad’s house. The table I recently obtained and placed there and put all this on. The frog statue is from my mom, and the other oval piece that is in the shelf below is from my mom as well something she gave me years ago that has a saying about daughters…Then hanging on the wall across from this table, I have my dad’s hat hanging on the wall that he wore as a dress hat with the last package of cigars he was in the process of smoking at the time of his death, and a small packet of his cremation ashes in side as well. above the table on the wall is a plack that my husband made with the door knob that was on my parents closet door in their bed room of a very old house they lived in for over 50 years.. We took the knob to have a piece of the house I grew up in because the house was going to be renovated due to it’s age and poor condition. So it is quite possible my dad and my brother could have been here Visiting.. huumm wish there was a way to know for sure… OK just had to share as this is a very strong occurrence for me.”



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