What are Orbs? Paranormal or Science Based?

BeFunky_orb17.jpgThere has always, and probably will be always a debate on what orbs really are. Are they spirit energy? Are they moisture droplets? Dust? Bugs? Probably all these answers are correct. In each circumstance, it may be a different answer.

Where as some folks go strictly by science and what it has taught us, and some go straight to the paranormal explanation, some of us go by “gut instinct and intuition.”

Common sense must play into action when determining if something is paranormal or not. For example, what are the conditions? Is it raining? Is it humid? Are you in an old house walking around rufflng up the dust? Are you outside where it’s buggy?

if the answer to these is yes, then of course there might be a scientific explanation for capturing orbs. It may simply be the flash of the camera reflecting off of moisture in the air, bugs, or dust.

If the answer to those questions was no, then ask your self these. Are you getting a “hair standing on end” feeling on your neck? Are you getting chills you can’t explain? Are you feeling a creepy feeling? Are you feeling any static electricty type feelings?

If so, then it maybe paranormal.

Another great way to back up your findings, is to bring along other equipment to try to capture evidence of the “energy” in the orb. When we go on an investigation, we bring EMF readers and voice recorders too. My own opinions used to be that orbs are probably just the environmental factors such as dust, until I started to capture EMF readers going off and capure EVPs at the same time as capturing an orb on a picture.

Another observation I made was that orbs can follow direction, and also tend to hover around certain people. Does this mean that an orb is a spirit? Does this mean that it can understand us and maybe is the spirit energy of someone we may have known? Or were they ever human? Are they angels or some other energy form we don’t quite understand yet?

No matter what, I choose now after many experiments to opt to believe what my gut is telling me. In some cases, maybe it’s dust, in some maybe it’s really spirit energy. Either way, if someone choosing to believe that an orb is a loved one watching over them or coming to visit, brings them comfort, then that is good enough for me.

~Lisa Hilton
Co founder of myparanormal.org and Midwast Paranormal Activity

Debunking Orbs

I have done some experiments trying to recreate orbs. It’s not hard, which leads me to really try to convince people to have a second instrument to back up their claims of capturing orbs, such as an EMF reader or voice recorder. It’s harder to dismiss an orb as just being dust if you can capture a spiked EMF reading at the same time, or capture an EVP at the same time.

A porch light on in the distance at night.

Here is a picture taken at night with a house light way in the background, about  mile away. So again, back to common sense, make sure there are no lights on or in the background when trying to do a paranormal investigation. Make sure to note it, if you are taking picture where there may be background lights or reflections that might look like an orb later when you upload the pictures. It would of been easy to mistake this picture for an orb, especially since this picture was taken while at the Salem Witch Cemetary. But like I said above, I noted that there were houses in the background with porch lights on.





I took this picture while driving in the rain. Well, I was the passenger and just pointed the camera out the window and took the picture. So this shows how moisture can play a role in capturing orbs.


Lights while in Motion

These are just blurred street lights. This picture was taken while driving by street lights. Of course most investigations are not done while driving, but my point was just to show how blurred lights can look like orbs or a mysterious form.



Funny, I thought dust would be the easiest way to recreate orbs. One day I was laying in bed and noticed through my window that you could see all the dust floating around coming in through the window with the sun reflecting off of it. I could see it with my human eye. Yet, when I took a picture, you could barely see it. Many claim that orbs or a just a relection of dust when the light from the flash bounces off of it, so I took this picture several times, with and without the flash. Yet it did not replicate an orb at all.  I will eventually try this at night when I am someone dusty to see if the darkness of a room will make a difference.


Just a Bug

Okay, here’s what bugs me about the bug theory, it’s always obviously a bug. I’m sure that some bugs are small and not so definite a “shape” as this moth is, but everytime I capture a bug, it really looks like a bug and not an orb. I took this picture at a cemetary. I could not see the moth flying around with my own eyes, it was very dark. But here in this picture you can tell what it is no problem.


Proving Orbs

Three Orbs Floating Together

Okay, you know earlier in this post where I talked about getting that “creep factor” feeling? Maybe I shouldn’t say “creep” because that always makes it feel scary or negative. Maybe I should call it that “electrical” feeling. It’s a feeling like you are not alone. Well in this picture I had that feeling. Something told me to take a picture of this structure that is at a cemetary and these are the orbs I caught. Something tells me these orbs are energy companians travelling together. Looking at something together. If you look close, or click in on the picture to zoom, you will see a big faint orb on the left side of the picture too.  It almost appears as if they are all sitting there staring at each other. Ok, I know I just sounded probably pretty crazy, but click on the picture and see what you feel?


Orbs Staring at Tombstones

In this picture there is that same “feeling” of orbs watching over their tombstones. There are two just sitting there in front of two headstones and then one larger one just sitting above as if it’s “showing” them where their headstones are.  Again, I apologize if sounding at all “out there.” There are just my feelings and gut instincts, noone has to agree with me.


Dogs can see Orbs!

More then once while living at a nursing that I worked at, did I capture my dogs or in this case my mom’s dog watching something floating by. Usually towards the ceiling. It would just appear that the dog was watching something and I would snap a picture and more then once there was an orb or some mysterious light caught on camera.

Dusty watching an orb.

2 Orbs caught at a Memorial

Sadly, on a visit to one of my good friends house out East, her brother had committed suicide. That day we brought cameras and EVP recorders to the house to see if we could capture his energy. My friend wanted and needed to know he was ok. We caught both orbs sitting above the flowers she had brought im earlier that day, and an EVP. If you listen carefully, with headphones, you will hear, “Ted, come to the light.” This was only one of the EVPS, there were several.

Listen to EVP here.


Light Moving on Command

Okay, this one was a weird one, but so cool at the time. I had watched a video of a man that was trying to prove, not only are orbs real spirit energy, but they can understand us and follow direction. So when I spotted an orb sitting on the side of the path through the cemetary, I said to my daughter, I’m going to ask it to move so we can get it on camera. I really wished I would turned on video mode but these are the 2 pictures I took, first where it was sitting off to the side and up high, looking very bright. Then I asked it to move to the middle of the road, and to our shock through the camera screen we could see it move, to the center of the road and closer to us! This is the second picture that I took also.  It clearly changed shapes into a more faded light or energy and much larger. We could not see either of these lights with our own eyes, only through the camera screen.


Orb over a nest.


So anyways, this is just my experience with orbs. We would love to hear your experience, just leave comment below or if you want a post made for your paranormal experience,
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