Scary Yell and Laugh in a Nursing Home Basement and Attic

 This invesigation was done by my friend Mike and myself. This was an old nursing home basement in Genoa City, Wi. It was done on October 2011. We didn’t hear anything through this whole investigation but did feel cold chills on our faces once we went upstairs to the attic where we have gotten a lot of other evidencein the past. I was shocked the next day when I listened to the evidence we actually caught here.

This basement has been known to be “haunted.” This basement contains storage rooms, a kitchen, a banquet room and a laundry room. Many of the aides and cooks report hearing their name called and feeling like someone is watching them when they are in the kitchen.


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In this video we edited out all the time where nothing was happening and included only all the EVPs we caught this night. The evps were so loud it seems like I would of been able to hear them with my ears, but I didn’t. I could only hear them when playing back the recorder the next day.

You can hear them better with headphones but if you silent any tvs or noise in the house you will be able to hear these no problem. We would classify this evp as a class A since its easily  heard and understood.

Pictures from the basement.

We didn’t notice anyting out of the ordinary in the pictures, but if you see anything please write what you see down in the comments. Thank you! Sometimes it’s better to have more then our set of eyes.


nursing home ghost hunt

nursing home paranormal acitivity

lens flare

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