Face by Man


My friend Jonathon Nix sent me this picture on February 7, 2014

He wrote:
“This was taken on xmas night. That is my sister with the antlers and her girlfriend took the picture. On their way home they were scrolling through the pictures from that night and freaked out when they saw this picture of me. Looking at me on the couch, then look just to the right and up a little bit and you’ll see a face hovering over my head. To me it looks female and almost like her hands are folded beneath her chin. This picture hasn’t been enhanced but I have enhanced it using Picsart but got frustrated trying to enhance it because I couldn’t improve the image. There was someone sitting next to me but he is 6’6″and looks nothing like the face in this picture.”

ghost pictures
Original Picture


ghost face next to man's face
Original Picture Zoomed in


Ghost Face in HDR
Ghost Face in HDR

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