What are EVPs?

BeFunssssky_whiteEVP stands for electronic voice phemomena. These are voices that are picked up on tape recorders that can not be heard at the time they were spoken human ear.

Noone knows what these voices really are. Are they voices from spirits trying to communicate? Are we capturing voices from another dimension? Are they imprints of energy in a location? Sometimes it seems as if they are “intelligent” responses to questions asked while other time it seems to be a random word or yel or moan that is not related to anything going on at the time.

EVPs should not be confused with disembodied voices. Disembodied voices can be heard at the time of the investigation. Usually if an investigator hears a voice that is not one of the investigators then they will “mark” it somehow by saying, loud yell heard at 10pm in library, to alert investigators that will be listening back to the tape later. Sometimes it’s easy to make a note quickly too onpaper so there voices don’t get easily overlooked. These are usually loud yells, moans or can be a whisper in your ear. EVPs  aren’t heard at the time they are recorded but you can hear them when listening back to the tape.
EVPS have been divided up into three different classes. A, B & C.

Class A EVP

Class A evps are loud, clear and easily understood. These are rare but very rewarding when obtained.

Click Here for a Class A EVP

Class B EVP

Class B is not as easy to understand as class A. People might “hear” different words when listening back to it. It’s a little mumbly and might be more of a whisper but still distinctly there. It will be easier to hear these with headphones on or after enhancing the sound.

Click Here for a Class B EVP

Class C EVP

Class C Evps are not clear at all. They  may be questionable if it’s even an evp or just a random noise in the room. Even with enhancement you won’t be able to understand the message. But as investigators are looking for anything that is out of place, we will still consider these as evidence.

Click Here for a Class C EVP


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