Kelly’s Visit from her Sister

BeFunky_download (1).jpgMy sister died in accident when she was 18, it my ruined family. My mom was deep in her own grief, and I was young had never dealt with death. For years I was angry at my sister. It effected my life and  my mom.

When I turned around 30, I sat and wrote a letter to my sister., telling her how angry I was, for her leaving. In the letter I said I needed to forgive her and move on as it’s taken too much of my happiness. In the letter I asked why she had to die the way she did? I burned the letter and that night dreamt of her. It was so real she walked up to me and hugged me and said I was allowed to come back and show you why I died the way I did.

The room changed into a hospital bed with her laying with wires connected, my mother was laying across her body deeply sobbing, and a doctor was talking to us saying you must make a decision on Kim my sister.  She is brain dead and there is no chance of her regaining life.. My heart hurt so much for my mother, having to decide her own child’s death.

Kim standing next to me said do you see why I chose the other for my death? I couldn’t put mom through anymore grief. She told me we all have made a choice on how we die, and this was hers. She hugged me again thanked me for forgiving her. Then disappeared, I woke up with such a surreal feeling she did in fact come to me.

Note: Kelly is the one who gave us the idea for the, “Whispers from the Other Side” catergory. When we were discussing life after death contacts we have had with our family members or loved ones one day, she said, “I call them whispers.” Well we just loved that and thought that is a great way to put it. So that is how we came up with this title. Thank you for letting us use your idea Kelly. <3

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