My Sister’s Cat Visits Me to Leave a Message for Her

A couple weeks ago my sisters cat died.. actually two of them did unexpectedly. its a long story but she was broken hearted. She loves her cats how most of us love our kids.. She had tried with all her might to nurse her cats back to health, staying up with them all night and feeding them by hand, cleaning them and helping them go to the bathroom. But sadly they passed, first one, then a month later the other.

I was trying to reassure her that the cats are probably still with her, or at least visiting. I kept telling her to watch for signs, she will get some. But she kept saying maybe they dont want to give me signs or i can’t see them cuz I am getting nothing. She was getting really depressed wondering where her cats were now.

I woke up one morning and something was urging me to message her and ask about a clock on her dresser.. i didn’t kow why but i wrote her and said, please dont think im nuts but is there some connection to your cat, your dresser and a clock?????

She sent me this picture. This was where he cat would sleep when he was still healthy.


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