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A little about myself:

Since I was little I was fascinated by anything paranormal. I remember when I was old enoughBeFunky_Lomoart_1 to go to the library after school in junior high, I would read every book about anything supernatural. I started with ESP then telekinesis and then out of body experiences. My interest just grew and grew.

I don’t believe I really have any special gifts myself other then being an empath, but I am just really curious about others who are. My interest also grew in other subjects such as auras, orbs, spirits trying to communicate with us, life after death stories. Pretty much anything that is a mystery, I have an interest in, whether it be ghosts, UFOs, BIgfoot or unsolved mysteries. I just want answers.

I used to be able to do my own paranormal investigations. I really mostly worked on my own, but would bring along anyone who wanted to tag along with me. Several years ago I got sick with something called, Lyme Disease. As the years went by it got harder and harder to function.  Sometimes it felt like I could take on the sickness of spirits I was communicating with, and I also had a scary experience of a “spirit” latching onto my daughter after she came with to an investigation.

I decided until I grow stronger, if I ever do, that I should limit my investigations as they were physically taking a toll on me, but I still have the curiosity. I have listed all my investigations on this website and on my other ghost hunting blog, Midwest Paranormal Activity, and will continue to collect and share other people’s experiences It helps me, gives me something to do and I believe it helps others too. Especially the life after death experiences. It gives those who lost someone hope to know they are still out there somewhere, most likely in a much better place then here. So if you have something to share please submit it here. 

Thank you for stopping by  my website and thank you for sharing your stories, pictures and experiences with  me and all the MyParanormal readers.


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