Clearing Negative Energy From Rita Strugala Director of Southern Paranormal Research Society

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Clearing Negative Energy

One of the questions we get asked the most is how to get rid of entities or unwanted spirits. So we sent a message out asking some paranormal teams to help us answer this question. Here was one of the responses:

From Rita Strugala from the  Confraternity of St. Michael the Archangel – Order of Exorcists  and Director of Southern Paranormal Research Society – AL. Division

“I am a Lead Exorcist Investigator and have been helping people get rid of negative energy for decades. Here is step by step guide to do a powerful cleansing:

What you will need to do a powerful cleansing:

1.) White Sage or White Sage & Cedar – either in the form of smudge sticks or loose leaf
2.) Feather
3.) Sea Salt or Blessed Salt
4.) Lemon juice
5.) Holy Oil or Virgin Olive Oil
6.) White Candles
7.) Piece of white chalk (sprinkled with Holy Water)
8.) Tingsha cymbals or bells (of any kind)
9.) Blessed medals if available

1.) Crack each window in each room of the house being cleansed. I open every door and window usually when doing a cleansing, and turn on fans if you have them. I also open all cabinets, closets, drawers and cubbies to make sure the smoke moves into all of the closed up spaces.
The reason it is so important to have doors and windows open, is to allow the spirit to exit, otherwise you’ll simply chase it from room to room.

2.) Cleanse your aura as well as anyone else’s if you have help doing this cleansing.
Light either the sage stick or loose leaf sage in a bowl. (if you use a bowl like I do, be sure to put dirt or sand beneath the sage or it will scorch the bowl and/or be too hot to handle).

If there is flame let it burn a little and then blow it out so that it is a smoldering smoke, not an open flame.
If there is someone helping you, cleanse their aura first. As you hold the sage bowl and feather, look them directly in the eye and ask them to give you conscious acceptance to cleanse them. Hold the bowl to their heart first, then up to the head, then you take the bowl and in clockwise direction, follow the outline of their body, feathering the smoke from the bowl towards their body, starting from their head, down to their feet and back up to the head. When you’ve completed their front, ask them to make a quarter turn to their right and repeat the outline their body with the sage. Always in clockwise fashion. When done with their right side, ask for a quarter turn until all four quarters are finished. Once they are facing you again, hold the still smoldering sage bowl out to them, while they cup the smoke in their hands , washing it over their head as if it were water (or yours, if it is just you cleansing) 3 times.
They should say as they wash the smoke over their head, “For The Father,” (the first time they wash the smoke over your /their head) “For the Son” ( second time they wash the smoke over your /their head)
” and for The Holy Ghost”. (Third and final time they wash the smoke over your /their head).

The cleansed person should then take the sage bowl and add more sage and relight as needed, they should now cleanse your aura in the exact same fashion at the clients home.
You are now ready to cleanse the home.

3.) Set your intention for each room. Turn off televisions and radio’s, you want no distraction while you cleanse the home. With the sage still smoldering from the aura cleanse, you will begin to smudge each room of your house.

4.) Enter the first room you will smudge. Start in the middle of the room and fan the Sage outward to fill the room. You should walk around the room in clockwise fashion making sure the smoke goes all over the room. Don’t forget to do behind doors as well. That means, closets, basements, and attics as well.

5.) While fanning sage smoke around the room start talking to the spirits in your home.
Being firm and unemotional you will do this the same way in each room.
Loudly and firmly say:
“This Sage is cleansing out all negative energies and spirits… all negative energies and spirits must leave and go to the foot of the cross for Jesus Christ to hand out your judgement.
Any spirit who does not walk in God’s white light MUST LEAVE NOW. Any invitation you think you had here has been revoked and you must leave NOW, in the name of Jesus Christ, THE Lord and Savior.
Listen up spirits, I’m not asking you, I am TELLING YOU, YOU MUST LEAVE NOW. I claim all walls in this dwelling in HIS HOLY NAME, JESUS CHRIST.
You have no jurisdiction, over any of God’s children and YOU MUST LEAVE NOW.

Do this in each room and MEAN IT.

6.) The main thing is the intent, which is our faith. You have the power and have nothing to fear. Jesus Christ gave us all the power to cast out evil in HIS NAME. Your intentions are to rid the home of negative energies and spirits and they will know this, if they are there. Draw from a divine power from within your own heart and our innermost being. (In other words mean every word you say).
Always be firm, non-fearing, and deal with negative ghosts strongly, yet with love, hence why you are sending them to Jesus Christ instead of letting them loose to make someone else’s life miserable. You are always in control and are NOT powerless.

7.) Once finished with the sage, I simply let it burn itself out in the bowl, then dump the ashes out beside the front door. If using a stick just put it out like a cigarette.

8.) Next you or another member helping, will take holy water and put it in a bowl, or a bowl of water and add a hand full of sea salt. Say a prayer over the bowl to God : “Please Lord, bless this water and salt to baptize and protect every place it is used in this home. In Jesus name we humbly do pray. Amen.”

Starting in the middle of a room, you will dip your fingers in the water, (palm down) and flick the water droplets to each corner of the room from your finger tips. Let the droplets go all over the room and into all corners.
You are essentially baptizing each room. This is based on the biblical notion that baptism is always done as the tide goes out. (All the while firmly stating “I cleanse this room of any impurities, negativity, or anything that does not walk in God’s white light. All spirits must go to the light now.” ) When you have finished baptizing every room, closet, basement, attic, everything. Take the water that is left over in the bowl, have the client go to one of the entrance doors, and before throwing the water out, say ” IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, MY LORD AND SAVIOR, I CAST YOU OUT !!!”

9.) Next, take the blessed salt/ sea salt and put a thin line of it across every window sill in the house. Be sure to put a pinch of salt in every corner of every room. Including basement, attics, and closets. Put salt across every entryway threshold into your home. If you can’t physically get into your attic or crawl space under your house, take a handful of blessed salt/sea salt and fling it in as far to the back as you can muster, all the while repeating the verse. “I CAST YOU OUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST THE LORD AND SAVIOR”.
When done with that, give the client a handful of the salt and again cast it out from each outside entryway (door) in your home, saying ” IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, MY LORD AND SAVIOR, I CAST YOU OUT !!!”

10.) Next, take a spray bottle or bowl and mix 1 part lemon juice with 3 parts water. I always say a prayer to God to bless this water to close all portals. Then spray all mirrors in your home (one at a time) and clean it in a clockwise motion until you finish in the middle of each mirror, stating “I close any portal in this mirror with the blood of Jesus Christ”.

11.) Next take Holy Oil or Virgin Olive Oil and put the sign of the cross over all the lentils in the house saying “I bless this home in the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Bless this house and all those who dwell within.”

12.) Light the white candle (or blessed candle). Ask the client to go around their home, room to room casting light in every corner, closet, and cubby. It dispels any darkness and that is the intent. Light dispels darkness, darkness does NOT dispel light.
While they are moving through their house with the candle, you take a piece of white chalk, sprinkled with holy water, and write above any entrance into the home (Front door, back door & any garage entrance into house) the days date (such as today is the 27th), then a cross, then C, then a cross, then M, then a cross, then B, then a cross, and then the year. Should look like this when you are through 27+C+M+B+15
This is called the Epiphany of Chalk. What it means is “May Christ bless the house”

If you have blessed medals make a small hole on each corner of their property. Place a blessed medal, a piece of sage and cover it back up and say “This property is now protected and purified by the blood of Jesus Christ”. Once covered,sprinkle blessed salt from that medal to the next corner point of the property, and repeat until all medals have been laid, and salt was sprinkled in a line, all the way around the property.

To finish the blessing, take the  Tingsha,s or bells, and ring once or twice in each room of the house.
It should feel lighter and peaceful through out the entire house.

Enjoy your home now, you are safe!”

God’s richest blessings to you!

Best Regards,

Rita Strugala
Southern Paranormal Research Society – AL. Division

Lead Exorcist Investigator & Assessment Team –
The Confraternity of Saint Michael the Archangel – Order of Exorcists
(Exorcists/Prayer and Spiritual Warfare)

Lead Exorcist Investigator & Assessment Team – Holy See of Antioch –
Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry –
The Sacred Order of Exorcists

Thank you for writing in Rita to help others from the “” team!

If you have cleansing rituals that you would like to share with our readers, please submit them here. 

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