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What will you need to start ghost hunting or your own paranormal investigations? We tried to give you a brief description of the equipment we use and why. If you are an investigator and have something you really like that is not listed, please let us know in the comments sections. Also if there is a brand or something specific you find works best, let us know!

Handheld Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorders are necessary for collecting EVPS, or “ghost voices.”


Headphones Headsets are necessary to help hear the EVPs you collect with your voice recorder.

Full Spectrum Digital Camera

You will need a Ghost Hunting Full Spectrum Night Vision Camera for catching images of spirits or orbs. Many come with night vision or infrared now for extra help with catching images.

Spirit Box

The Spirit Box is a  tool that sweeps through different radio frequencies, usually the FM band, to use white noise to help the spirit let you hear them “talk.”

Infrared and Night Vision Full Spectrum Camcorder

Just like the full  Infrared Night Vision and Full Spectrum Camcorder
, having these options available will allow you to see more images then you may be able to with a regular spectrum camera.

EMF Reader

The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor
is a tool that measures when there is energy nearby. Any  response to EMF fluctuations & spikes may be showing you their is a spirit nearby.

Laser Infrared Themometer

The Laser Infrared Themometer is a tool that will help to measure the temperature in specific areas. Evidence shows that when spirit energy is nearby that the temperature will drop suddenly.

You can get started with a Ghost Hunter Equipment Kit

One of these Starter Ghost Hunting Kits
should be all you need to get started! You can always add the other fun stuff later!

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