What do you think this is above Melissa’s head?

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 What are the forms above Melissa’s head and up in the sky?

I am writing this post for my friend Melissa. She has been battling breast cancer and has been winning. She is 3 months in remission now. She is also battling Lyme Disease.  Since this experience she has found a great comfort in her horse. The horse loves Melissa so much and follows her around everywhere. A couple days ago someone took this picture of her and her horse and these misty forms appeared above her head.

What do you feel like they could be?

Update: Melissa passed away in July of 2016. The cancer metastasized from her breasts to her brain and throughout her body. I would say may she rest in peace, but really I want her soul to be enjoying it’s pain free state, not resting, but running, dancing and celebrating her new life.
Melissa’s Memorial

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