Ghost Officer and Woman at Stallhof

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Ghost officer and Woman at Stallhof

From Billy Jacquin,

“I’m from NJ and I took those two pics on my samsung galaxy Feb 8 about five in the evening. Me my wife and two of her coworkers one of which was from Dresden were in the Stallhof as her friend became our tour guide for the day. But the area was completely empty, there was no one there. I took those pics about 20 to 30 seconds apart.”

“Took two pics at the Stallhof in Dresden and later zoomed in on ghosts forming then just standing there. But they couldn’t be seen with our own eyes.”

 From Myparanormal: 

From Wiki: “The Stallhof in Dresden was part of the building complex of the Royal Palace and served in the 17th century as a venue for large horse shows . it was completed in 1591 under Elector Christian I , making it one of the oldest in the original design of tournament courses in the world . The stable yard was built from 1586 to 1588 probably following the design of Giovanni Maria Nosseni under the architect Hans Irmisch, composed by Paul Buchner , who was military engineer. Immediately after the completion of the building from all sides was praised. The air raids on Dresden in February 1945 damaged seriously the stable yard.”

Note to False:

Great job capturing this False! Thanks for sending it in to us! Maybe others will come along and share their experiences at Stallhof too. These are really amazing pictures, so clear. Let us know if you catch anymore! Do you live near there? Or just visiting? If you have a website or anything you would like to link to.. just let us know.     


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