Celebrities who have had Paranormal Experiences


Celebrities who’ve had Ghostly Encounters

Jessica Alba talks about a ghost taking the covers off her. Read more Here. 

Nicolas Cage: Nicholas used to own one of the most haunted home in New Orleans termed the “murder mansion” once owned by Madame Delphine LaLaurie. Learn more about her in Mad Madame LaLaurie: New Orleans’ Most Famous Murderess Revealed (True Crime).

Miley Cyrus: In this article she talks about seeing a little boy sitting on a the sink in her apartment.

Alyson Hannigan: Reports that there is a male ghost that lives in her house but she says he’s a gentleman. Read more about Alyson’s experiences here.

Valerie Harper: She discusses her haunted experiences on Celebrity Ghost Stories. You can also see her story in this video where she talks about the haunting in her New York City apartment.

Demi Lovato talks about her haunted house while she was growing up and her belief in angels, aliens and ghosts here. 

Loretta Lynn: Loretta Lynn lives in a haunted house in Hurricane Hills and also is said to be a psychic. See more about Loretta Lynn on the Ghost Adventures episode,  “Loretta Lynn Plantation House.” You can also read more abuot her house here.

Matthew McConaughey:  He says he was close to the ghost who lived in his house. He called her “Madame Blue,” and described her as a “cool ghost” he told Elle magazine.

Joan Rivers: She talks on Celebrity Ghost Stories about her house in NYC that as haunted by the ghost of a woman who used to live there named Mrs Spencer. You can watch a clip of her story here. 

Celebrities that had Life After Death Experiences

Tony Bennett: He talks about an experience he had when he was on drugs and visited “the other plane” that people that have near death experiences talk about. 

Gary Bussey: Gary talked to 3 balls of lights he said were angels, that told him he could stay or go, it was his choice.

Erick Estrada: “Suddenly I was in a long corridor with bright lights, beautiful music, and a feeling of great peace. But something seemed to be blocking my progress. A voice told me, ‘You’ve got to go back. You’ve a lot still to do. You’ve achieved success and stardom but you haven’t achieved personal happiness and peace of mind.'” After hearing this voice, Estrada returned to his body.

Larry Hagman: Larry Hagman’s Life-Enhancing Near-Death Experiences
by John L. Griffin, Ph.D. 

Tracy Morgan:  “‘I went to the other side’: Tracy Morgan recounts his encounter with God after almost dying in a horrific 2014 car accident.”

Burt Reynolds: Goes into coma and has near death experience after stopping pain pills cold turkey. 

Peter Sellers: The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

Jane Seymour: She reported an out-of-body experience, where she saw people trying to resuscitate her and looked up to see a white light. Now she says she is living life in the moment and said, “I realize you take nothing with you other than the difference you maybe made in the world and/or the love that you shared with people you interact with.”

Nikki Sixx: Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx Remembers Near Fatal Drug Overdose 25 Years Later

Sharon Stone: Near-Death Experience: “I Felt Peaceful” on The Oprah Winfrey Show 

Donald Sutherlands: After a bout with Meningitis he experiences a near death experience. 

Elizabeth Taylor: Taylor recalled doctors pronouncing her dead in the late 1950s. She reported seeing a tunnel, a beautiful light and her third husband, Mike Todd, who had been killed in a 1958 plane crash. Todd had to coax her back to life, telling her “You have things to do … I’ll be here.” Once she returned to her body, Taylor spoke of appreciating sounds, colors, music in a way she never had before.

John Edmonds and the Stardust Ranch


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