Memorable Gravestones Part 2

Memorable Headstones 

Here is a collection of tombstones that will leave a lasting impression on you. Beautiful, sentimental and personal leaving you to remember the person who passed the way the family wants you to.

Lovely Tribute to a Basketball Player
found on: Monuments Plus


Impish Tribute to Charles Jacob “Charlie” Affelder (1915 – 1994) – Find A Grave tombstone pays tribute to Charles Affelder’s passions. According to his daughter, “The face on the memorial bears a slight resemblance to him, but the gargoyle figure and pyramid topper are both a whimsy of the talented sculptor who created the monument.”

Sleeping at the Piano
found on

playing piano grave headstone

A Grave designed so a Mother could still Comfort a Child

A mother  had this grave designed for her 10-year-old daughter in 1871. While she was alive, the daughter was terrified of storms. The grave was constructed with an entrance that descends to the level of the coffin. Her mother could go into  the tomb during storms to comfort her child.

unique gravestones

Something about this one brings a feeling of peace. Like Jesus is comforting you now child.


This grave is in Indiana. Most of the graveyard was moved to make room  for astate highway. The grandson of the woman buried here refused to have his grandmother moved. The county eventually gave in and built the road around the grave.

grave in the middle of a highway

This picture speaks for itself….


Woman laying in the Grass Gravestone
in  Auckland, New Zealand. Her tombstone reads, “Truly, she gave her all in loving service”
Find out more on Find a Grave.


Gravestone for the little girl who is “Painter of Rainbows”


Julio Ruelas (1870 – 1907)
Find A Grave Photos



Angel Weeping over Grave


Below are some pretty Tombstones you can purchase online.

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