Evidence of Reincarnation

two stories about people who remember past lives

Evidence of Reincarnation

This video is from Walter Semkiw, MD and Jim Tucker, MD, and shows them discussing  the reincarnation research of Ian Stevenson, MD, which involves children’s past life memories that can be factually verified.

Very interesting is the case of Barbara Karlen who says she is Anne Frank reincarnated. Barbara goes on to talk about how she insisted her real name was Anne Frank. She also tells of how her parents took her back to the Anne Frank house and her memories coming alive there.

This case dramatically shows how religion and nationality can change from one lifetime to another, an observation that can transform society and make the world a more peaceful place.

You can read more about Barbara Karlen’s case here.

They also talk about a young boy named, James Leininger, who remembers in his past life he was in a plane that got shot down by the Japanese. He gave very specific details at age 2 about this plane crash, his past friends names and details that could be verified.

You can read more about James Leininger here.

Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot

And the Wolves Howled , Fragments of Two Lifetimes

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