The Reincarnation Case of James Leininger aka: James Huston

Is this little boy’s incredible story proof of reincarnation?

The Story of James Leininger: AKA James Huston

Bruce and Andrea Leininger, his parents tell of how James Leininger was only two years old when he started having nightmares about being shot down in a plane by Japanese fighters  in World War II. He started drawing graphic pictures of a battle. He says he used to be James Huston, Jr.

Details that were Factually Verified:

  • He recalled the name of his friend who also died, Jack Larsen.
  • He insisted he was James the third. Eventually it was found out the man he was believed to be in his past life, was James III.
  • He knew the name of the ship (Natoma) that his plane took off from during the war.
  • He knew that his plane was a Corsair, and that the Corsair would veer to the left on takeoff and that the Corsair had a tendency to blow tires out upon landing.
  • He knew that US fliers gave the Japanese bombers girl names and Japanese fighters boy names.
  • James called his GI Joe dolls Billie, Leon and Walter, he said he got those names from the friends he met in Heaven. Later it was revealed that those were the names of three Caseatoma Bay Navy aviators who had died before James Huston, Jr. Their full names were Billie Peeler, Leon Connor and Walter Devlin.
  • After finding James Huston’s surviving sister, James told Anne that he had called her Annie. Anne confirmed that only James Huston called her Annie.
  • He remembers having a sister named, Ruth. James Huston Jr did have a sister named Ruth as verified by his other sister Anne.
  • He remember the birth order and ages of his sisters.
  • He remembered his father being an alcoholic which was also verified by Anne.
  • James said that he and Anne, as children, had matching portraits done by the same artist, which were gifts from their mother, whose name was Daryl. He was correct.

Anne accepted James as her brother James Huston Jr. She accepted it so completely that she sent his remaining artifacts for him to keep in his memory.

Note: after visiting with pilots that witness James  Huston’s plane being shot down, Bruce found one discrepancy in James’s version of events:  When Huston crashed and died, he was actually flying a FM 2 Wildcat, but he  later learned from another pilot, Bob Greenwald, that Huston had participated in a program in which Corsairs were tested for aircraft carrier landings. So he had flown Cosairs, he just didn’t die in one. Greenwald also confirmed that Corsairs would veer to the left on takeoff and blow tires on landings.


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