The Reincarnation of Anne Frank aka Barbara Karlen

Barbro Karlen believes herself to be the reincarnation of Anne Frank.  Barbro, like Anne Frank was a child prodigy writer. She has many memories of what it was like to be Anne Frank in a past lifetime. When Barbro was little she insisted to her parents that her real name was Anne Frank. She would also tell them they were not her real parents.

A Little History on Barbro Karlen

Anne Frank died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945. Less than ten years after anne Frank died in the concentration camp in 1945, Barbara was born to Christian parents in Sweden in 1954.  At two years old,  Barbro started to tell her parents her name was really Anne Frank.

As a child she had nightmares about men coming up the stair, kicking in the door to her family’s attic where she was hiding.  She developed many phobias, which she now believes are attributed to he past life as Anne. For example, Barbro feared showers and would only take baths, she had a fear of uniforms and had bad memories of eating beans. All of these things were atrocities that Anne Frank had to face in real life, the neverending meals of beans, the men in uniforms who ran up the stairs to grab her and take her to a concentration camp, the showers that would really be gas to kill all the hostages of the camps.

At ten years old, Barbro was taken to Amsterdam. She led her parents without any direction from anyone, to Anne Frank’s house. How amazing that a ten year old child could “just know” the streets of Amsterdam and go straight to Anne Frank’s real house where she was kept in an attic for two years!

There she recalled memories such as the pictures of celebrities that used to hang on the wall and the stairs that were no longer there in front of the house. She says, all the memories and feelings of living there rushed back.

Eventually Barbro met Anne Frank’s cousin, Buddy Elias. They met and Buddy and her immediately recognized each other and have been good friends since.  He even spoke at Barbro’s book event, after she wrote, “And the Wolves Howled , Fragments of Two Lifetimes.”

And the Wolves Howled , Fragments of Two Lifetimes

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