Night Vision Digital Camcorders for Ghost Hunting

Handheld camcorders are probably the most necessary and used piece of ghost hunting equipment in our experience. It’s nice to have night vision when you are walking through dark houses. Also it is a bonus to get one that has infrared settings so you can see images of light that the naked eye can’t see.

We would say this is the #1 piece of equipment because you can take pictures, film video, do it in different light spectrums, and also record evps at the same time if you are capturing video. If you have a limited budget and have to start with just one piece of equipment, it should be this.

Night Vision Digital Camcorder

With this night vision video recorder you can record video and take pictures at night. The infrared camcorder records footage in complete darkness.

Night Vision Camcorder Features:

  • It records in black and white during night; In color during day
  • This camera captures up to 4 hours of video footage with audio at 640 x 480 resolution
  • This has 4X digital zoom
  • Footage can be played back on the camera’s 1 1/2″ LCD screen or a TV, or downloaded to a computer
  • Includes USB and AV cables, video and photo management software for Mac and Windows 7, Vista, or XP

Was this a spirit of a dog caught with night vision?

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