Starter Kit for those interested in Ghost Hunting

Getting started becoming a Ghost Hunter

If you have been watching all the latest trending shows on paranormal research and ghost hunting, maybe you are wanting to learn how to do it yourself. All these shows from Paranormal State to Ghost Hunters are really inspiring and interesting. Who doesn’t want to know what is over there on the other side?

You don’t really need much to start up other than an open mind and a willingness to learn the trade. When I first started myself, my buddy and I bought everything we could and became quickly overwhelmed with all our new tools. You can really get started with  some basic tools such as a flashlight, voice recorder, night vision or infrared camera and recorder. As time goes by you can add in an EMF reader, laser lights, a spirit box and alt he fancier equipment but honestly my best stuff was caught on simple voice recorders.

So just start out with the simple stuff and see where you need to go from there. Each paranormal researcher will develop certain interests in different areas. I liked capturing EVPS, or electronic voice phenomena, while others try to capture pictures or videos of strange lights, mists and orbs. See what grabs your attention and by accordingly.

Here’a s starter kit that can help you get started including a ghost hunting instructions manual.

Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with “Ghost Tech”

This Ghost Hunting Starter Kit Includes: 
GaussMaster EMF meter (measure EMFs) – Portable Motion Sensor (detect motion in complete darkness) – EVP Recorder (capture EVP sounds) – Infrared Pen Type Thermometer (measure surface temperatures) Geo-phone (monitor unseen surface vibrations) – “Ghost Tech” how-to book – Deluxe Carrying Case to keep it all together. Suitable for all ages. Makes a nice gift, too!

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